Why should you travel for vacation to Maldives? Well, there are many reasons to this: the destination has some of the most beautiful and safe small islands you can find anywhere on earth, beaches with crystal blue waters, and much more.

Maldives offers the best Caribbean beach getaway. However, it is important to prepare yourself well since this paradise requires plentiful cash. You also need to be patient while travelling because there are no direct flights to this vacation destination from the states. One of the things travelers love about Maldives is the fact that there are no distractions. Here, you’ll find the world’s first underwater restaurant, spa, and nightclub.

Located to the southwest of Sri Lanka, between the Laccadive and Arabian Seas, this paradise has a sublime nature that has kept travelers coming here all year round.

When should you go?

Although Maldives Island doesn’t experience tornadoes, it has a monsoon season in November. You may consider visiting Maldives between May and November in order to enjoy the best prices and least company at the resorts. This is the best time to visit despite the fact that there are some rains during the southwestern monsoon season. If you love diving and surfing, this is the perfect time to see the most life on the reefs and to catch waves.

The high season usually lies between December and April. Although this destination is rarely overcrowded, hotel rates increase during this time. The weather at this time is less humid and slightly warm. The weather becomes unpredictable from May when the low season begins.

The currency used in the Maldives is the Rifiyaa although you might not need it because visitors are allowed to pay their resort bills and other expenses at the end of the vacation in dollars. If you want to save money, choose your flights wisely, pick accommodations carefully, and consider all-inclusive packages.

All international visitors are required to possess a valid passport and provide proof that they have sufficient funds before travelling to Maldives. Funny story real quick– the guy who details my car in Arizona saved and saved for a vacation to Maldives, and he forgot his passport when he went to the airport, which caused him to miss his flight. Luckily they helped him get on a flight the next day without any extra charges. You can check out his business at phoenixcardetailing.com. He’s crazy skilled. The guy has some high end clients with everything from a Ghost Rolls Royce, to a 1927 Model-T. Anyways, back to what I was really writing about. You are also supposed to have an onward travel plan. More information can be found on the United States state department website.